City commissioners receive salary, meager benefits Print
Friday, 13 May 2011 09:59

• Leader & Times
The City of Liberal Commissioners receive a substantially lower amount of compensation than those elected for county government. In fact, the salary allotted for a city commissioner has not changed since an ordinance was passed on Jan. 25, 2000. What about the USD No. 480 Board of Education members? No compensation – at all.
“The compensation of the members of the governing body shall be the sum of $550 per month, for the Mayor, and $500 per month for each commissioner,” Ordinance No. 4232 noted.
Along with their salary, commissioners are offered KPERS benefits, if they so choose to implement them. City of Liberal Payroll/Benefits Supervisor Lynn Khemraj said all commissioners are allowed to participate in KPERS benefits, however only two 
commissioners have elected to accept the benefits.
“It depends, we have Commissioner Willimon who is paying 6 percent herself, and Mayor Tim Long is doing 4 percent – that is the employee portion,” Khemraj said. “It is all about the timing of when they came in. The employer portion, this quarter – which ends in June, is at 6.74 and after that, it is a 7.74 percent. They put in the same amount the city does. They are elected officials, so they can elect to do it or not to do it – these are the only two that elected to do so.”
As for the USD No. 480 Board of Education, no salary, insurance or KPERS benefits are available for board members.

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