Long becomes Liberal’s new mayor Print
Wednesday, 14 April 2010 10:05

Newly elected mayor Tim Long gets some last minute advice from former mayor and current vice mayor Joe Denoyer following reorganization during Tuesday evening’s city commission meeting. Daily Leader photo/Jessica Crawford


• Daily Leader

It was a virtual game of musical chairs between former mayor Joe Denoyer and former vice mayor Tim Long as the two changed positions during the reorganization segment of Tuesday evening’s city commission meeting.

Commissioner Dave Harrison made the motion to elect Long as mayor of the City of Liberal, Denoyer entered a second to the motion. The motion passed with four voting for the election of Long and Long, himself, abstaining.

“I would like to thank my fellow commissioners for the opportunity to serve as mayor,” Long said. “I thank the community, again, for the privilege to serve them. I assure you that I will serve with honor and integrity and always do what is best for this community, and I just appreciate the opportunity.

“I feel that we do a very good job and feel that this commission has the community’s best interest at heart at all times,” he continued. “I just thank you for this opportunity again and will do the best job I can, I promise you that. I may be a little rough around the edges on some of this stuff, but it will come. I have a hard act to follow.”

Harrison made the motion to elect Denoyer as vice mayor. The motion received a second from Long. The motion passed with the approval of the entire commission.

A new fire extinguisher training program has received funding from a local charitable foundation. Deputy Fire Chief Skeety Poulton informed the commission of the program.

“During my 18 years on the department, one of my biggest things we have requested through our department is a fire extinguisher,” Poulton said. “All we have been able to provide in training for people over the years has been more and more difficult. This is part of our public education program and in the past couple of years I have been in charge of this program. What I have seen is we have been having more and more requests, but the prices for us to fill our extinguishers has gone up and we do not charge anybody for this program so that is a cost that is passed down to us.

“We are at the mercy of the weather,” he added as he explained further difficulties with the current training program. “If it is windy or raining, we really can’t do fire extinguishers outside. I can still do the inside presentation, but the live presentation, I am unable to do during inclement weather.”

Due to his concerns, Poulton has been researching several options in regards to fire extinguisher training for the public.

“The one thing I did find was through a company called BullEx,” he said. “It is the Bullseye system. We can get the full training package. Most of the fire extinguisher training we put on now takes at least two people to properly do. With this setup through the BullEx setup, I can do it by myself.

“This is a laser driven system,” he explained. “What is really neat about this is I can take it into any setting anywhere and set it up for a real life situation anywhere in a building. It won’t cause any damage, it is on an LED system – it would be a laser driven extinguisher.

“I approached a local charitable foundation last month and presented this to them,” he continued. “I requested funds for this. I was notified at the end of last month that they did provide a donation to cover the cost of this. Staff recommendation is to accept the donation from the local charitable foundation and allow acquisition of the Bullseye BullEx training package. The estimated project cost is to be $15,918.”

The commission voted to accept the funding from the local charitable foundation, thus giving Poulton permission to purchase the BullEx Bullseye system for future fire extinguisher training purposes.

Commissioner Dave Harrison once again praised Poulton and the Liberal Fire Department for saving the community money by searching for funds through grants and charitable organizations.

“It seems to me like city staff does an outstanding job in getting funding for projects like this, and I really appreciate that,” Harrison said. “That takes the burden off the local tax payer, and you guys, once again, did an outstanding job.”

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