Jimenez has no plans to move Print
Thursday, 14 March 2013 10:08

‘I want to help make Liberal a place where people want to stay’


• Leader & Times
Liberal City Commission candidate Julio Jimenez refuted rumors that he is planning to move to Garden City in the near future.
Jimenez, owner of Liberal Family Chiropractic, opened a clinic in Garden City after adding a second doctor to his staff.
“I am a Redskin to the bone,” Jimenez said. “I opened another clinic in Garden City because we have another doctor working for me. I have known Dr. Estrada for a long time, and he wanted to come back to this area. We did this expansion for that.”
Jimenez said that while he is staying, he has known several other people that have moved away, and that is what motivated him to run for the commission.
“That is one of the reasons I am running,” he said. “Many people have left because they feel Liberal is not going anywhere. This was my time to get involved so we can make Liberal the type of place where they want to stay.”
Jimenez mentioned former McDonald’s owner George Roldan and others that decided to move elsewhere, and that the lack of Liberal’s expansion has been a part of the reason people have moved.
“Some people are unhappy because of a lack of recreation or shopping opportunities,” he said. “We have lost doctors over these issues. It is important to have these people in our community, and I want to see our town prosper. That is my objective, that is what I am about.”

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