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Monday, 04 October 2010 12:18

Contestants of the first-ever Oz-Some Race join Dorothy after combing Liberal to find the proper locations and completing tasks that eventually led them to Dorothy’s House for the final task. Contestants had to toss apples, play miniature golf and run the Pancake Day Race in reverse in order to reach the final destination. Daily Leader photo/Earl Watt                


• Daily Leader
Five teams signed up to take their shot at winning the first-ever Oz-Some Race Saturday immediately following AirFair 2010.
In the end, the family team of Darren, Joanne, Austin and Tyler Metcalf were able to complete the race and edge out two other teams to win the Oz-Some Race.
While there was a learning curve for both the contestants and event organizers, the teams enjoyed the event.
“This was fun,” Darren Metcalf said at the end of the event. Even the fifth place team of Cammy and Dale Harrold enjoyed the event.
“We decided we were going to complete it no matter what,” Cammy said. “This was a fun thing to do.”
The Oz-Some Race was a way to kick off Oz-Fest which will take place Saturday at Dorothy’s House.
The five team met outside the Mid-America Air Museum on the tarmac at the end of AirFair 2010 and received their first clue: “Liberal’s Lady Liberty holds here golden torch here.”
That sent the contestants to the Liberal Memorial Library where contestants had to toss 10 apples into a box before they received their next destination clue.
The Metcalfs were the first to complete the apple toss and deciphered the next clue: “Ol’ Hank Rowley played so much tennis, they named these courts after him.”
That sent the teams to Blue Bonnet Park where they had to complete a round of Griff Golf in four shots or less on each hole before receiving their next destination clue.
Brian and Katy Davis were able to pass the Metcalfs in the course and were the first to receive the next clue: “This Hall of Fame is no short stack.”
The teams then had to reach the Pancake Day Hall of Fame where they discovered that one team member would have to run to the start of the Pancake Race to receive their next destination clue.
The Davis team protected their first place spot by finishing the task first and receiving the next destination clue: “There’s no place like home.”
That sent the teams to Dorothy’s House where they were handed their task: “Locate the yellow brick that features ‘The Gipper’ and make a relief image with paper and pencil.”
The teams admitted that this was the hardest clue as they began scouring the bricks for ‘The Gipper.’
The Davis team was joined by the Metcalfs as well as Shane, Melissa and Chandler Jackson along with Jon, Ash-leigh and Ashton Antrim in trying to locate ‘The Gipper.’
Brian Davis used his phone to discover that ‘The Gipper’ referred to Ronald Reagan.
“I started looking again,” Brian said. “I thought I saw it in one of the rows I already looked at. I guess I didn’t.”
Darren Metcalf discovered the Reagan brick and stood on it until his team provided him the paper and pencil to win the Oz-Some Race.
“My wife saw our pastor standing on the brick,” Brian said. “She screamed and we went over there.”
For winning the Oz-Some Race,  The Metcalfs received two free admission bracelets to Oz-fest 2010 and $100. The other teams received one free admission bracelet.
OzFest will begin Saturday at Dorothy’s House.

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