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‘White privileges’ is a myth in today’s world E-mail
Tuesday, 26 August 2014 10:10

By Sheryl Martin Hall, of Forgan, Okla.


Well I guess it’s time for this white girl to vent.

I read a post that has been circulating that says something about the “privileges” of being white. The woman, who I assume is white, starts with a photo of her blond-haired, blue-eyed little boy and asks something like, “What would you think if he were black?”

I can answer that unequivocally: I’d think he was as cute as all get-out just like all children, and I’m insulted that she would insinuate otherwise.

When my granddaughter was in preschool, I had to figure out how to put corn rows in her caucasian hair because she wanted to look pretty like her little friend who was black.

The woman goes on to point out that her sons will not ever have to endure being judged for simply walking through the neighborhood, unlike the unfairness black children deal with.

I beg to differ. If her blue-eyed blondies look like they spent more time practicing their swaggerly walk than they did on homework, with pants hanging below the hips allowing their butts to hang out and give me that stone-cold look that says, “Fear me. I belong in a gang,” oh yes, I WILL judge that book by it’s cover, no matter what color that cover is. I will either advance to the other side of the street or calmly but quickly get into my car and lock the doors.

My family doesn’t own a huge corporation. We don’t have to be among the financially elite for me to consider us blessed. My three children and two grandchildren have had some decisions to make upon high school graduation: What path are they going to take in what line of work.

My daughter was nearly finished with filling out a scholarship form her senior year when she realized that it was only for Asians. NAACP does not stand for National Association for the Advancement of Cracka People.

If one of “our” brothers/sisters get treated unfairly, there is no white equivalent of Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson to stir up the drama for “us.” I’m tired of hearing about the unfairness of being black. Like Bill Cosby said, “Calling yourself African American is as silly as a white person calling themselves European American.”

Here’s what I know about my roots: Kentucky and Texas. I’ve been an Okie since I was 2. I had nothing to do with my “ancestors” purchasing your “ancestors” and frankly, your “ancestors” sold captives of neighboring tribes to white slave traders.

Scientifically, DNA says that we all trace back to one male and one female. So yep, as cliche’ as it sounds, we are all brothers under the skin. We can all look back through time and point to some form of oppression.

My youngest child is currently about to enlist in the military, like his siblings before him, joining the ranks of those who SERVE their country, alongside his brothers and sisters of many races. Look past your own “hood.” There are far more horrendous persecutions happening in this world than feeling like the Walmart teller “disrespected” you.

And that photo? If it were a black child, and he were my grandbaby, I would think he was twice as cute! So yeah, I guess I am a little biased.

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