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Doing what’s right is tough decision, but it’s got to be made E-mail
Friday, 06 September 2013 11:53


By L&T Managing Editor Larry Phillips

The rupture among our political parties and the citizenry over whether to bomb Syria is a natural concern for everyone. Having recently experienced the horrors of seeing a human burned to death, war is very scary – any kind of war.

Most Americans don’t want our soldiers put in harm’s way, but what about the people where those cruise missiles will land in Damascus and other villages?

On the other hand, having your skin eaten off your body or your lungs paralyzed from sarin gas is as unpleasant as dying in fire. And that’s what will happen to more and more Syrians should Bashar al Assad remain in power.

I lean toward the groups that believe America must show it will stand and fight for what’s good, even if it means using bombs to stop more senseless killings by a mad man.

Trying to deal with someone like Assad (or Saddam or Kadafi) with diplomacy reminds me of an old western movie: The settlers are surrounded by Comanches and the good reverend decides to walk out to the whooping natives with only his Bible and show the Indians he means them no harm.

You guessed it – several arrows in the chest. Fortunately, the barbaric wagon master lowers his rifle and drops two of the perpetrators in their moccasins. And it was fighting back with deadly force that saved the rest of the settlers.

The problems of attacking Syria now have now grown exponentially – Assad has had plenty of time to disburse his caches of chemical weapons, split his troops up and maneuver tanks and cannons. Some reports have already came in that he’s setting up missile launchers in school yards and on hospital grounds. His willingness to sacrifice innocent women and children proves he needs to be stopped, permanently.

Another development is Russia’s obstinance, and it should not be surprising at all. Putin is actually siding with Assad and threatening us if we attack Syria. He says he’ll send in Russian missiles to protect Assad.

Why we continue to put a “smiley face” on our relationship with that murderous thug is beyond me. If anything good can come from this mess is that the American people will wake up and see just what kind of dictator Putin is, that will be worth it.

Apparently, it doesn’t bother Putin to watch videos of small children foaming at the mouth and writhing in agony as they die on camera from sarin gas.

He’s as bad as Assad, and we better be ready to fight anyone that thinks that kind of behavior is acceptable in a civilized world.

I still think President Obama dropped the ball on this some months ago, and especially as soon as the reports came in on deaths from chemical warfare.

I can’t help but believe Ronald Reagan would have broke into the nightly television shows and told us, “About an hour ago, I ordered extensive attacks on Assad and his military throughout Syria.”

I can’t see any other president – well maybe the peanut farmer –  not doing the same. Why we’ve waited, and waited, and waited is confusing to say the least.

But, I’ll bet Assad and Putin have a good laugh about it.

It’s put us in a tight spot and Obama is naturally passing the buck to Congress. But I hope we go after Assad, regardless. I’m also tired of legislators saying. “Why do we have to be the world’s police?”

Maybe if they had read and studied the Declaration of Independence, they would have a clue.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

That goes for the innocents in Syria, too.


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