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High Visibility Seat Belt campaign to start Monday PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 February 2018 12:48


• Leader & Times

Safety while driving is of utmost importance while on the road and starting next week, the Liberal Police Department will be working to help teen drivers develop safe habits, especially with seatbelts. 

From Monday until Friday, March 9, the Kansas Highway Patrol, area law enforcement agencies, and law enforcement in bordering states will be participating in the annual High Visibility Seat Belt Enforcement Campaign, which is being coupled with the Seat Belts Are for Everyone (SAFE) program in Kansas’ high schools. 

“It’s not an extra duty assignment program, it’s a regular duty assignment program but it’s calling everyone’s attention to seat belt safety as it relates to teen drivers,” LPD Captain Pat McClurg said. “What they want us to do is focus on teenage drivers near the high school and focus on seatbelt enforcement in that area. It’s going to differ from other enforcement programs like Click it or Ticket in how it’s outside the program guidelines to have extra people, so we’re going to focus on it with the people we have. We’re going to be extra vigilant in that area looking for potential seatbelt violations with teen drivers.”

In 2015 alone, Kansas saw 13 high school teen deaths due to vehicle crashes and of those teens, nearly 40 percent were not properly restrained. With those statistics, McClurg said it is important for seatbelt laws to be observed. 

“Statistics show seatbelts do save lives. People can get complacent and that’s why we bring it up every so often, to remind people,” McClurg said. “Maybe they’ve gotten into the habit of jumping into the car and just taking off without putting their seatbelt on and hopefully we’ll be able to remind them to do that without giving them a ticket. We want to remind them to buckle up.”

And like any other good habit, McClurg said it is best to start early. 

“If we can instill good habits early, that will last a lifetime,” McClurg said. “Parents set the tone early on in a child’s life even before they start driving and get behind the wheel. As soon as they’re able to get in the car themselves, teach them to buckle up and don’t move the car until they do. That’s how those safe habits of operating a vehicle start and that’s the biggest advice I would give to parents so they can make sure their child’s buckling up.”

And with teen drivers not having as much experience as other drivers, McClurg said he feels it especially important for programs like the campaign and SAFE to be around. 

“They don’t quite understand how quickly things can happen and we’re in an age of distraction with cell phones, XM Radio, friends in the car, all that.” McClurg said. “There’s just so many distractions nowadays and things can happen so fast and maybe that seatbelt could help prevent an injury or save a life should something happen.”

And while the campaign is mostly focusing on seatbelt enforcement, McClurg emphasized that will not be the only thing being observed. 

“Like always, we’re going to be enforcing those laws to encourage public safety,” McClurg said. “We’ll also be enforcing other things. We’re going to be focusing on seatbelts but we’ll also be on the lookout for other things like distracted driving. We’ll be on the lookout for speed violations, distracted driving, everything else. This one focuses on the high school since it’s focused more on teen drivers, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to be ignoring everything else. The biggest thing is getting the word out and hopefully getting people to think. We’re going to be vigorously enforcing this stuff but if you hear about it beforehand, maybe that extra second will be taken to put on that seatbelt and we won’t have to write out that ticket.”




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