The regular meeting of the Southwest Medical Center Board of Trustees will be at 7 a.m. Thursday in the Conference Room No. 2 at SWMC.

Agenda items include:

• Call to order

• Minutes of previous meetings

a. Dec. 12, 2013

• Community comments

• Additional agenda items

• Information items

a. Medical staff meeting

b. Board self-evaluation questionnaires compiled

c. Next regular board meeting – noon Jan. 30

d. Board member at Feb. 12 medical staff meeting

• Unfinished business

• New business

a. Financial report for December

b. Capital request

1. Philips SureSigns vital sign monitor

2. Intelligent medical objects

c. SWMC medical staff memberships and privileges

1. Andrey Ilyasov MD (hospitalist)

• Reports

a. In house meeting minutes

1. Medical staff meeting

2. Management meeting

3. Medical executive commitee

b. Administrative report

•  Other items

a. Suggestion box

• Executive session

• Adjourn

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