The next meeting of the USD No. 480 Board of Education will be at 6:30 p.m. today in the Education Service Center at 624 N. Grant.

• Call to order

• Roll call

• Pledge of Allegiance

• Opening prayer

• Approval of minutes

a. May 6 board of education meeting

b. May 9 special board of education meeting

• Approval of agenda

• Comments

a. LNEA report

• Good things

• Reports

a. Superintendent’s report

b. Deputy superintendent’s report

c. Director of business

d. Director of auxiliary services

e. Director of curriculum and staff development

f. Assistant superintendent’s report

o Adoption of consent agenda

a. Consent agenda

b. Bus tours for LHS all class reunion

c. Employment, resignations and transfers

d. Overnight activity trips

• New business

a. Long range planning

b. Bond underwriting services

c. Staff travel

d. South Middle School I-block intervention proposal

e. Interactive boards

f. Ipad purchases for STEM classes at LHS

g. Early graduation application

h. Capturing Kids Hearts momentum

i. Summer flooring replacement

j. FACS flooring at South Middle School

k. Torchmate plasma cutter upgrade

l. Auditor 2014-15 fiscal year

m. Summer concrete projects

n. Fire alarm tie in to portable classrooms

o. South Middle School Ipad applications (APPS) voucher

p. LHS darkroom removal

q. Health consultant

r. Adoption of “Traits Writing” curriculum

s. Adoption of foreign language textbooks

• Board comments

• Executive session

• Adjourn


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