Burned in Dodge Injuries mount in 55-17 loss Print
Monday, 28 September 2009 15:08
• Daily Leader

DODGE CITY — With five minutes to go before half, the Liberal 
Redskins were in a battle with the Dodge City Red Demons. Trailing 
14-3, the Redskin defense held Dodge City to a fourth down.
But the Red Demons never punted. Dodge City faked the kick and ran 
for the first down. The Red Demons went on to score on the drive, and 
the Redskins never recovered in a 55-17 loss.
The play on the field had the appearance of a rivalry game early. But 
an early controversial call that went Dodge City’s way created an 
uphill battle for the Redskins.
Liberal appeared to have stopped Dodge City’s Jace Banner after three 
Redskins rolled the Dodge City standout across the turf.
According to the officials, Banner’s knee never touched the turf 
although it appeared his shoulders did, and he was not whistled down. 
Banner stood looking at the official, then started to jog toward the 
end zone and the official followed, signaling that Banner had scored 
the initial touchdown on a 32-yard uncontested run.
Standley questioned the call to no avail, pointing to the replay 
board that showed the tackle in slow motion.
The Dodge City scoring drive began with an interception, one of four 
turnovers on the night for the Redskins.
Quarterback Slader McVey played through an injury until the final 
possession of the game, obviously struggling with his mobility, a 
strength of his game. McVey rushed the ball once in the entire game.
After the questionable touchdown by Dodge, Liberal responded on the 
next possession with a field goal sparked by a pass from McVey to 
Jade Cathey for 37 yards.
Dodge City scored again early in the second quarter after a punt 
return gave the Red Demons the ball at the Liberal 19 yard line. A 
touchdown pass put the Redskins down 14-3.
Lavondrick Martin took the ensuing kick-off 51 yards and gave the 
Redskins good field position at the Red Demon 39 yard line. Two 
complete passes to Tyson Deaton gave the Redskins the ball at the 20 
yard line.
But an attempt to find Cathey in the end zone was intercepted.
Nine plays later, Dodge City faced a fourth and 11 at their own 39 
yard line.
They faked the kick and ran for the first down.
Redskin iron man Michael Cummins limped off the field after the play, 
and on the next Dodge City snap, Banner broke through the Redskin 
defense for a 52-yard touchdown run.
Liberal had good field position after a strong kick-off return at 
their own 43 yard line, and McVey completed a pass to Cathey for a 
short gain. But the ball was stripped out of Cathey’s hands and taken 
to the Liberal 10 yard line.
On third and nine, Dodge City threw a pass to the goal line, the 
receiver put a juke on corner Chandler Brockett and scored.
Dodge tacked on a  field goal before half to score 17 points in five 
minutes to take a 31-3 halftime lead.
Dodge City continued to dominate in the second half and shot out to a 
55-3 lead.
Liberal tacked on two late scores against Dodge City reserves with 
passes form McVey to Kyle Potts and Cathey and had a chance at a 
third touchdown with a first and goal at the 10 yard line. But Dodge 
City substituted their starting defense back in the game, and the 
Redskins failed to convert a field goal attempt in the 55-17 loss.
Liberal generated 194 yards of offense to Dodge City’s 420.
Banner ended the night with 196 yards rushing against the Redskin 
McVey completed six of 20 attempts for 121 yards, three interceptions 
and two touchdowns.
McVey came out on the final drive due to the nagging pain from his 
Martin also suffered a game-ending injury, and another Redskin had an 
apparent shoulder separation.
“We will evaluate those injuries,” Standley said.
The late scores gave the Redskins something positive to build on for 
next week’s homecoming game with Garden City who lost to Hays 17-16 
“It was a positive way to end the game,” Standley said. “They kept 
fighting. Now we will go to work. We will come in for film and watch 
film, we’ll teach them what they did wrong and go to work on Monday.”

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