County to discuss bid on roof work at courthouse Print
Monday, 17 June 2013 09:36


• Leader & Times


Seward County commissioners are scheduled to revisit issues concerning the roof of the county courthouse this evening.

On Friday, a bid was opened for raising the window base height above the roof level and replacement of windows over the existing vault area on the east side of the courthouse.

Liberal’s Cox Construction placed the only bid on the project at a cost of about $28,000. The bid from the company includes a description of some of what would be done.

“Area on east side of existing courthouse on shed roof going from north to south,” it said. “Provide necessary temporary closeup for security.”

The bid also said single glaze windows under an overhang on top of the lower roof on the east side of the building would be removed, and pressure treated lumber would be installed to raise the height of windows above the existing roof height.

“Install pressure treated lumber to existing steel beam on top of windows to provide for a place to anchor new windows,” the bid read. “New windows to be clear anodized thermally broken fixed windows with 1-inch low E insulated glass.”

A top receptor, bottom flashing and wall posts  would also be installed, and after installing windows, interior areas would be redone where walls come to window locations in the courthouse.

The project would be finished with a redoing of acoustical ceiling grid and tile to finish where the building’s ceiling contacts window frames before cleanup and touch up work.

The commission will meet at 5:30 p.m. today in the commission chambers in the Seward County Administration Building.

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