Parks Dept. shares Arbor Day with Stepping Stone Print

Beautification supervisor Jordan Mangold, right, and Beautification maintenance worker Daniel Rubio put the finishing touches on the hardy rubber tree they recently planted at Stepping Stones Shelter. The Parks department continued a long-standing tradition of planting trees in the community.



• Leader & Times


The parks department in Liberal celebrated Arbor Day yesterday morning by planting a hardy rubber tree at the Stepping Stone Shelter.

The department continued a tradition of planting trees this year. While the department usually plants them at schools, this year, the department decided to plant one at Stepping Stone.

“We usually pick a school, we’ll try and get a certain I guess you might say grade to come out, help us plant a tree and tell them a little bit about Arbor Day and just so they can get out and kind of experience that kind of stuff,” said Beautification Supervisor Jordan Mangold. “We do it every year, and this year, we chose Stepping Stone Shelter – to do something kind of different.”

The Parks department has also planted trees at Garfield Elementary, McKinley Elementary and Cottonwood Intermediate. However, the planting activities were slightly different when the department went to Cottonwood.

“We actually did not plant a tree there – we actually got little trees and handed them out to the kids to go home and plant so we did something different,” Mangold explained. “We came there, we gave them a presentation about what Arbor Day was and how it started and stuff and then after that we gave them trees so they could go home and have their own tree to plant.”

Staff at Stepping Stone expressed their appreciation for the new addition. There had been a tree that had died and been removed, leaving the property with no shade.

“I was excited to see it actually taking place and to see how large the tree already was,” said Pat Allsbury, director at Stepping Stone. “We just appreciate all the support we get from the City of Liberal and it’s employees, so a big thank you is in order.”

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