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Milton Wolf’s bus tour rolls into Liberal PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 July 2014 10:06

U.S Senate candidate Dr. Milton Wolf, second from right, talks to JoAnne Mansell, far left, Gary Warden, center, and others prior to his town hall meeting Wednesday evening at the Rock Island Depot. Wolf said in order to save America, tough decisions need to be made, and as a doctor, he has made those tough decision. L&T photo/Robert Pierce


Candidate for U.S. Senate seat says he will make the tough decisions


• Leader & Times


While there may be a political divide in America, few people would disagree there is trouble in this country, and like many, Dr. Milton Wolf knows something needs to be done.

Wolf, who is running against incumbent U.S. Senator Pat Roberts in the Aug. 5 primary, was in Liberal Wednesday to discuss his views on what needs to be done in the nation’s capital.

Many people have made the race out to be an attack on Roberts, but Wolf said this was never his intent of running.

“I have voted for Pat Roberts for about as long as I can remember,” he said. “I think he may be part of the problem. He’s been in Washington for too long. He’s been in Washington 47 years. I don’t think anyone should be in Washington for 47 years. Something happens when you go to Washington and stay too long. I think you forget why you went there, who you’re supposed to represent, what you used to believe in.”

Wolf did say, however, Roberts has crossed party lines many times in recent years, and he likewise sees this as a problem.

“Roberts has voted to raise our debt ceiling 11 times,” he said. “When he first got to Washington, the debt was around $340 billion. Today, it’s $17.5 trillion, racing toward $18 trillion. That’s a threat to our children’s future. It’s the defining challenge to our lifetime, and we need to solve this. When a nation spends trillions of dollars that are yet to be earned by generating even more, it’s no longer just a spending crisis. It’s not just an economic crisis. It’s a moral crisis.”

When this happens, Wolf asked how the Republican Party was supposed to remain the party of limited government, less spending and individual liberty.

“When our party was put in charge, they gave us the White House, the House, the Senate and even the Supreme Court. Look what we got in return,” he said. “They gave us the largest expansion of government in this nation’s history until Barack Obama came along. They gave us the fastest growth in spending, the fastest growth in debt.”

Wolf said he is tired of losing to Democrats in Washington, but even worse, he is tired of watching those in his own party act like Democrats.

“We’ve got to stand up, and we got to fight. We need more senators like Ted Cruz,” he said. “We need fewer career politicians. We need people who’ve actually done something with their life.”

Roberts has accused Wolf of many things, and Wolf did admit Wednesday that one of those was true. He is a cousin of Obama, but he still believes the current president is still the worst in our lifetime.

“I think we need people who will stand up and fight him instead of vote for his agenda, and I think Republicans ought to stop voting for his agenda and put a stop to his failed administration,” Wolf said. “I think we ought to defund all the overreach that he’s doing. He is destroying America. His policies are destroying America.”

Wolf said the race for U.S. Senate goes well beyond his opponent.

“This is so much bigger than Pat Roberts,” he said. “We all know that after 47 years, it’s time. I’m running for this office because America is in deep trouble. We have a president in that White House who sees himself as a dictator, who thinks he can run this country with a pen and a phone.”

Wolf is the Tea Party’s candidate for Senate, and he believes the people of America need to stand up to government.

“I believe America can still be saved, or I wouldn’t be doing this,” he said.

Wolf is pro-life, something he said he will not apologize for.

“I have devoted my life to saving lives,” he said. “I believe every baby deserves to be loved.”

Wolf is a member of the NRA, and he said owning a gun is a divine privilege.

“I believe your right to self-defense is God given,” he said. “I believe the Second Amendment means exactly what it says, but your right to self-defense is even stronger than that. Man cannot take it away from you.”

While he believes America can be saved, Wolf said it will take hard work, something he likewise feels strongly about.

“I believe God put us on this Earth to serve each other, and we do that by working hard,” he said. “I believe in hard work, and I’m going to go Washington to work hard. There are problems in Washington, and we need people who’ll stand up and fight.”

Next on Wolf’s list of issues was ObamaCare, which he called “the most destructive law in our lifetime.”

“We need to repeal every single word of it,” he said. “I actually wrote a health care plan. It’s called Patient Care. It’s a health care system that understands we should center our health care around patients, not politicians. It’s by far the best alternative to ObamaCare. Patients understand this and doctors and nurses. It’s only politicians and bureaucrats who don’t get it.”

Wolf then talked about the IRS and the scandals focused on that agency, which the candidate called “corrupt.”

“I want to be the one who hangs the ‘going out of business’ sign on the front door of that IRS,” he said. “I’m going to replace with a fair tax. We’ll get rid of every federal tax that exists – income tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, investment tax, death tax – and replace it with one simple tax where we all play by the same set of rules rather than allowing the government to choose winners and losers among us to reward their friends and punish their enemies.”

Before taking questions from the audience at the Rock Island Depot, Wolf lastly talked about illegal immigration. The Republican challenger said solving that issue starts with securing America’s southern border.

“The first duty of government is to protect your citizens, and you cannot protect your citizens if you cannot protect your border,” he said. “We want immigration. We want immigrants to come to America. That’s what made us strong in the first place, but we want them do it right. We have a system that awards them for doing it illegally and punishes them for trying to do it legally.”

Wolf said whether someone comes to the U.S. legally or illegally will likely determine the type of person they will become in this country.

“If they love America so much, they’ll learn our language,” he said. “They’ll obey our laws, and they want to work hard. If you’re first step in America was an illegal step, if you’re first step in America was breaking our laws, then you must not love America enough to obey our laws. We should offer no amnesty to any lawbreaker.”

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