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Has America become so divided that we can never be one nation? E-mail
Tuesday, 17 June 2014 11:42

By L&T Publisher Earl Watt

In a recent editorial in the New York Times by Paul Krugman, the Obama presidency is touted as a great success that has only been made to look negative because of the harsh media coverage.

On the flip side, Byron York of the Washington Examiner wrote that Obama plays golf while the Middle east burns.

It’s not uncommon to have differing views from a political perspective about the activities of a president.

But more and more these views are like watching a football game without  scoreboard, and no matter what is seen on the field, both sides believe they are not only winning, but blowing out the other team.

From my perspective, and I will admit it upfront, this has been a poor presidency, and that is a political criticism.

The policies I believe are necessary have been in the minority view in Washington since 2006 when the Democrats took over Congress.

Many will misinterpret that criticism as something it is not, one of those being racist.

If Obama was the quarterback and threw an interception, and I said it was a stupid pass, that has nothing to do with the color of his skin. But his fans would defend the pass and blame the interception on a cheating defense, and then say anyone who saw it differently is simply racist.

The biggest change I have seen in the political landscape over the past 25 years has been the same problem that has plagued the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders — bad ownership decisions.

There once was a day when those seeking political office actually stopped campaigning and served the greater good of the people.

There was a day when someone who leaned conservative or leaned liberal on an issue here or there could still listen to other views.

But party leaders no longer allow that.

The national party leadership makes decisions for both parties, and they use huge bank accounts and threats of running an opposing candidate to push through their agenda.

Like Jerry Jones, they call the shots from the owner’s box, and they watch their teams go down in flames.

And both parties, in an effort to appeal to the fringes, have moved from the center and pushed common values out.

For example, Republicans, looking to avoid Libertarian Party leakage, has moved away from social services altogether, demonizing any use of food stamps or welfare programs.

At the same time, Democrats were looking to avoid the loss of votes to the Green Party, and they decided to protect any and every animal and rare fungus at the cost of energy production.

That’s what the ownership said to do, and they have done it.

Most Americans disagree with both of those viewpoints, but if a senator or representative steps out of line, they will have a well-funded challenger in the next election cycle, from their own party.

Ideas that used to be mainstream — deficit reduction, national defense, social services, responsible environmental protection — have become politicized and scandalized.

And that has us where we are today, believing we unilaterally have all the answers and are winning in a rout with the intent to dismantle and destroy all who oppose our view.

Even the word bipartisanship sounds negative.

It’s time to get back to the core principles of government and kick the fringe views out of mainstream politics.

The truth is there are no Republicans or Democrats in office. The Libertarian Party and Green Party are running the show, and they will never be able to get along.

Too bad.

Republicans and Democrats can actually work together to control spending and work for the American people, if they stop answering to the fringe.

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