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City’s newly renovated shooting range to open Saturday PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 June 2014 11:54

City of Liberal staff from various departments and city commissioners pose for photos after a total renovation of the Liberal Shooting Range was completed recently. The city has announced the official opening of the range is set for Saturday. Courtesy photo



• L&T staff report


The City of Liberal’s newly renovated shooting range officially opens Saturday, and its hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

“The City of Liberal Shooting Range promotes the safe use of firearms in our community and throughout the region and provides a safe environment for shooters of all ages to practice and learn the skills of using a firearm,” said Liberal City Manager Mark Hall. “During the warmer months, bathrooms will be available. The building is available for reservation for events at no charge.”

The shooting range facility is conveniently located just east of Liberal next to the Seward County Landfill.

Reservations are required for patrons to enjoy the shooting range facility, at no charge. Only one reservation is allowed at the same time.

Reservations can be made at the Willow Tree Golf Course Pro Shop, by either calling 626-0175 or via walk-in during normal business hours.

“Individual reservations are limited to two hours and may be made up to two days in advance. Event reservations are allowed up to three months in advance, and are limited to actual event time,” Hall said. “The individual responsible must be 21 years of age or older, show a driver’s license and complete a ‘user packet’ up to two days prior to the reservation date. The key will be available for check out on the actual day of reservation, and the individual responsible must present the Usage Authorization to obtain the key. The individual responsible will keep the Usage Authorization on their person during his or her use of the shooting range.

“The key and Usage Authorization will be returned to the Willow Tree Golf Course Pro Shop on or before the end of the next business day after use by the individual responsible, otherwise a $200 fee will apply,” he added.

The shooting range has seven sun-shaded pistol range lanes and six sun-shaded pistol/rifle range lanes, all on a common firing line. Each lane has a target holder that is 19¼ inches by 31 inches that can be adjusted for distance.

Security cameras are located throughout the shooting range to record its usage.

“The individual responsible for reserving the shooting range is responsible for safety and property of their entire shooting party, cleanliness of the shooting range and a required pre-use inspection,” Hall said. “As it is assumed that the previous user left any trash or debris, any existing trash, debris or damage must be reported by the current individual responsible to the City of Liberal prior to use.”

Shooters may bring their own free-standing targets, but these and any trash or debris must be removed at the conclusion of shooting. This is an effort to keep the range safe, clean and enjoyable for all, and there is a $50 minimum charge for clean-up or repair of the shooting range, according to Hall.

“There is not a limit to the number of shooters during your reservation, but everyone in your party must exit the shooting range by the end of your scheduled time so that the next shooters can begin on time,” Hall said.



Frequently asked questions about the shooting range


• City of Liberal


1. Is this a public or private shooting range?

This is a public outdoor shooting range owned by the City of Liberal. You may join a club to take advantage of its many benefits, but it is completely voluntary and not a requirement to use the range.

2. Who is responsible?

The individual responsible is the one that signs the agreement. The individual responsible agrees and understands that participation in shooting activities may involve inherent risks, dangers, hazards or possible death. The individual responsible agrees to assume full responsibility for the conduct of their guests, and all damage costs associated with their participation. The individual responsible agrees to monitor spectators and all participants at all times for safety purposes. The individual responsible accepts and fully assumes all losses, liabilities, costs, charges, claims, damages, expenses, suits or actions which may arise from their participation.

3. I don't have a gun permit or license, can I still go there to shoot?

Yes. Unless prohibited by law. You must be at least 21, or accompanied by an adult who is at least 21. Everyone who is 21 or older must present government-issued photo ID to reserve the range.

4. Can I bring my friends to shoot?

Yes. The responsible party must be 21. We do not limit the size of your group. You are responsible for the safety of yourself and your group.

5. How much does it cost to reserve the range?

Nothing. Everyone can enjoy the shooting range.

6. What fees can I be responsible for?

The individual responsible will be charged a minimum ($50) for unsatisfactory clean-up. A pre-use inspection is required because it is assumed that the previous user left the excessive trash or debris. The individual responsible will be charged for any additional damages. Should you find any debris left behind at the shooting range, please call the City of Liberal to report debris or damage so you won’t be charged. The individual responsible will be charged ($200) for the replacement of key(s) and change of lock(s) if the key(s) to the facility are lost, stolen or not returned in a timely manner.

7. I am not a Liberal resident. Can I still reserve the range and shoot there?

Yes, so long as you meet the age and ID requirements.

8. Must I complete a User Reservation Agreement each and every time I reserve the shooting range?

Yes. The process is easy, but you are required to fill out the Reservation Packet each time for insurance, verification and responsibility purposes.

9. May I bring my shotgun or automatic weapon to shoot there?

Yes and no. Yes, although shotguns are allowed, but not recommended because any and all debris from clay pigeons must be picked up or the user will be charged. No, automatic weapons are not permitted.

10. May I bring different guns to practice (pistol, rifle, etc.)?

Yes. You may as long as you use the appropriate range lane.

11. What restrictions do you have on ammunition shot there?

Armor-piercing, tracer, and incendiary ammunition is strictly prohibited.

12. Can I shoot my bow and arrow?

Yes. You are free to use a bow and arrow, but you are responsible for safety and cleanup.

13. May I bring my own targets to shoot there?

Yes, however you are responsible for the removal of all debris.

14. Do you sell targets at the golf course?

Yes. We will try to keep 19-1/4” x 31” cardboard targets on hand for a nominal fee. Any cardboard target 19-1/4” x 31” will fit our target holders. Please feel free to make your own or order some for yourself. Our targets are plain and only for convenience purposes.

15. Do you allow “rapid fire?”

No. You are not allowed to shoot faster than you can control your gun with aimed fire. If you are not hitting your target, you are not in control and must slow down.

16. May I shoot two guns at the same time, like I see in movies?

No. The gun-handling that you typically see in movies is unrealistic and unsafe, and we do not allow it here.

17. Do you have security cameras?

Yes. Smile, you are on camera.



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