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Leftist newspapers continue war against majority of Kansans’ values E-mail
Friday, 16 May 2014 13:56

By L&T Managing Editor Larry Phillips

When Moody’s Investor Services recently downgraded the Kansas credit rating, most of Moody’s concerns were over the pending shortfall in the Kansas public employee pension system. But to read what the left-leaning newspapers across the state thought about it, the rating was simply “… concerns about the state’s long-term financial health.”

That’s their spin, and they’re sticking to it.

There are probably more than half the states in the nation trying to figure out how they’re going to pay off employees’ pension funds under exorbitant union-negotiated retirement plans.

I just know I trust Governor Sam Brownback to get us through that rather than some tax-and-spend Democrat, because he or she will simply raise taxes through the roof to maintain their steady cash infusions from the public sector unions.

The editorial staff at the Clay Center Dispatch really had the spin machine in effect in their op-ed piece on May 8. They cherry-picked so many statistics it makes one dizzy. Of course, that’s their M.O. for all us ignorant hicks out in the boonies.

They gave a hilarious name and definition of the governor’s economic programs – “Brownbackonomics,” which to the paper means “take from the poor and give to the rich.” That’s their exact words.

You would think the lame-stream media’s attempts to wage class warfare would get old, but it’s not to them. You know the old saying they live by – tell a lie enough times, and it will become the truth.

Problem is, the dumb citizens aren’t as dumb as newspapers like Clay Center Dispatch like to think they are.

In that same column, they go on to rave about Obama’s great economic accomplishments – how the unemployment rate has “plunged,” how Obamacare is doing so wonderful, et cetera, ad nauseum.

They were serious.

I don’t know what planet they live on, but they’re typical of newspapers across this state that fail to reflect the values of their communities and try their darndest to define them.

A couple of other things jumped out.

“The RINOs are all but absent — traditional GOP elephants replaced by Brownback sycophants,” they noted.

Sycophants meaning those who curry favors with the wealthy.

Have they ever sat down and tried to figure out who elected these conservative legislators?

Do they have no clue?

Oh yeah, all us sycophants are trying to impress the wealthy in this state – that’s why we elected all these conservative sycophants to office.

Have they ever looked at election results? The numbers by counties? The numbers of seats in the House and Senate? Who was elected governor by a large majority?

They don’t pay attention to such drivel.

The legislation was put there by everyday citizens who know who they’re voting for. But then that never got in the way of a leftist newspaper.

In their view, “Kansas’ predicament lies squarely with Mr. Brownback and the toadies and bootlickers with which he has stacked the statehouse,” they wrote.

See what I mean?

I will proudly take the “toadies and bootlickers” my fellow Kansans elected over eleitist leftists any day.

They also had the gall to write this: “The statehouse is full of ideologues.”

I guess their socialist redistribution blather can’t be classified as coming from an ideologue, can it?


What I’m seeing all over this nation – and it’s been going strong for about a decade at least – is that newspapers which forget their readers’ values or ridicule their values, won’t stay in business very long.

Many in the business sit around and make excuses that it’s the Internet and other digital media is why all these newspapers are going under. While some of that is true, mainly because the papers are top heavy, in debt and are collapsing on themselves, it’s also true people are getting tired of being told how to think, what to feel and do and, especially, from leftist elitists who have nothing in common with their community’s values and beliefs.

What do you want to bet, many of Kansas’ newspapers will ignore the numbers – again – after the November elections.

The Democrats will still be in the minority in Kansas, yet a majority of the states’ newspapers will continue their liberal agendas – telling you what to think and telling you what your values should be.

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