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Zero tolerance has gone too far E-mail
Friday, 13 December 2013 12:45

By L&T Managing Editor Larry Phillips

Our subscribers probably noticed the front page national story Wednesday about a 6-year-old Colorado boy being suspended from school for kissing the hand and cheek (on different occasions) of another female child.

His records that were filed at the school charged him with “sexual harassment.” The boy’s mother was quoted in the story as saying the boy is now quizzing her, “What is sex, mommy?”

If one believes this left-wing political correctness has swerved into Never-Never Land, they are not alone. There are literally hundreds of cases just as ridiculous as this. Simply Google “examples of zero tolerance” and see what you find.

In Alabama, a student inadvertently forgot his rifle was still in the back of his truck from hunting and he was expelled just days before his graduation.

Another girl was barred from graduation after a butter knife was found in her car. It was her grandmother’s.

Alabama is hardly a blue state, so let’s look at a few cases in Massachusetts.

School authorities called police and had a student handcuffed then expelled for being involved in a snowball fight.

A student was expelled “permanently” for poking another student with a ballpoint pen.

One kid got suspended for four months for “sharpening his pencil without permission and giving the teacher a ‘threatening’ look when asked to sit down.”

One girl was expelled “permanently” because her “antibiotic violated her school’s zero-tolerance drug policy.”

Of course, with Colorado’s newfound love of left-wing policies like anti-gun bills and supporting pot heads, they can’t let blue-blue-blue Massachusetts outdo them.

Another 6-year-old in Colorado was suspended “under the school’s zero tolerance for drugs policy when the boy gave another student a cough drop.”

And in Greeley, three boys “faced expulsion under a zero tolerance for guns policy because they were seen playing with squirt guns.”

Where did all this “zero tolerance” and “political correctness” come from?

According to www.dignityinschools.org, it came out of the bowls of San Fransisco.

“‘Zero tolerance’ as a policy was first proposed in 1994 as part of Improving America’s Schools Act of 1994, it was signed into law as part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) introduced a measure called the ‘’Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994’ to set a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to keep guns out America’s schools.

They pointed out as time passed, “more and more school districts began using the law to enact strict zero-tolerance policies not just for guns but also for everything from possession of a lethal weapon, to cub scout camping utensils, laser pointers, Tylenol, and even oregano if it is packaged in a manner that it were to resemble marijuana.”

I say what’s good for the gander is good for the goose. We should hold all teachers, paras, staff, administrators and board members to “zero tolerance,” as well.

We need to check all the teachers’ purses to ensure there are no nail files, especially those deadly steel ones. If found, throw them out of school for at least four months.

“Zero tolerance.”

And what about all those prescription drugs those older educators are carrying around, They are probably drug dealers in disguise. Throw them all out “permanently.”

“Zero tolerance.”

Imagine how many times Liberal High School’s Aneta Compton would have been expelled for using that squirting water bottle to get students’ attention throughout the years. That thing had a “trigger” on it, you know.

“Zero tolerance.”

What about those pocket knives those people carry, or fingernail clippers. What about those longs chains holding keys that maintenance guys carry. They are surely a deadly tool in the wrong hands. Throw ’em out.

“Zero tolerance.”

God forbid, any students want to show their love of a teacher and try to hug them, because I say, If teachers hug back, expel them “permanently” and label them sexual predators for the rest of their lives.

“Zero tolerance.”

And if a teacher accepts a Christmas gift this time of year, it proves they are taking a bribe. Throw them out “permanantly.”

“Zero tolerance.”

Is this what America is becoming? A place where a majority of citizens set back and allow unrestrained attacks by left-wing zealots on the personal liberty of our children?

When are we, as the majority, going to step up and vote these leftist elitists out of office and elect people with our values who will start appointing judges that know what the Constitution is and means and believes in it.

If we don’t get off the couch, these left-wingers are going to outlaw couches – claiming they cause obesity. They will start sending out IRS agents to confiscate any couches that were not relinquished under the “Can’t Afford Couches Act” (CACA), and you’ll be subjected to a heavy, fat fine.

PS: Enough citizens stood up and called, emailed and wrote to the school district in Colordao, and “sexual harassment” was removed from the 6-year-old’s record and replaced with “misconduct.”

Hooray for “the folks” that stood and fought back.

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