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Why are we surprised, gov’t. has a history of lying to us E-mail
Tuesday, 19 November 2013 11:05

By L&T Publisher Earl Watt

President Barack Obama has been getting crushed in the polls along with his new health care law now that it is actually being implemented and the public now knows it was not the same as the promise made.

But these attacks are a little unfair.

Obama is not the first to tell us if we liked something, we could keep it only to pull the rug out from under the American people later.

James Madison told us in the First Amendment that we were guaranteed the freedom of religion, and for 158 years it was true. In other words, “If you like your faith, you can keep it.”

But in 1948, the Supreme Court decided to change the meaning of the First Amendment to mean a separation between church and state, and schools were no longer allowed to be used for anything “religious.”

Additional cases limited prayers at games, public nativity scenes, and most recently the courts are decideing if praying before meetings is allowed. So much for freedom of religion.

The First Amendment also told us we had freedom of the press.

“If you like your news, you can keep it.”

But that was before the government began tapping the phones of reporters and taking them to court to reveal their sources to intimidate the media and the public from discussing issues with the media.

The lesson here was, “If you like your news you can keep it, unless it points out how many times we have violated the law, then we will suppress it.”

James Madison also told us in the Second Amendment, “If you like your gun, you can keep it.”

However, regulations have removed the guns from the hands of the good guys in places like Chicago, and crime is now out of control. Some of the lessons in our history books, including a test primer here in Liberal, says that only militias can have guns.

What the government should have said was, “If you like your gun, you can keep it, unless you want to use it to defend against our changes to the Constitution or to protect yourself, then we will regulate or ban it.”

The Fourth Amendment told us that there could be no illegal search and seizure, or, “If you like your privacy, you can keep it.”

That was before wire tapping and cell phone data collection that a private court that doesn’t answer to the public decided was Constitutional.

So, they should have told us, “If you like your privacy you can keep it, unless we suspect you of being a terrorist or we are simply curious and want to listen in to your conversation or read your email.”

We were told that the federal income tax was only needed to help fund the Civil War.

We were told that we would get our national debt in order, that we would not spend money we didn’t have, and that we would have solved the economic crisis by now.

Why did Obama believe it was acceptable to tell us a lie on behalf of the government?

Because we have allowed it so many times before, what was the big deal of adding one more?

If there are no repercussions, then what does it mater?

Stop picking on Obama. He is a product of his environment, which happens to be politicians. We never should have expected him to tell us the truth with those kinds of influences.

When Bill Clinton has to tell you to keep your word, there is a serious honesty problem.

Until we expect our leaders to tell the truth, until we hold them to a higher standard, you better expect them to lie, cheat and steal. We have given them our approval to do so.

For those that voted for this type of leadership, if you want this president, you can keep him — to yourself, but stop making America suffer the consequences.

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