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When will we say ‘No more’ to attacks on conservative values? E-mail
Friday, 01 November 2013 10:04

By L&T Managing Editor Larry Phillips

It’s no wonder people are worried about where this country is headed. What with nationalized health care exploding spasmodically throughout the nation, a president that claims he doesn’t know anything that’s going on in his administration and cabinet secretaries facing no accountability for murders of Americans in Libya and on the Mexico border – it’s enough to bring even the strongest to their knees.

Besides having their values under attack by Obama’s policies daily, conservatives are also being attacked by the left-wing judicial system.

Under this Administration, leftist judges have felt no obligation to avoid crossing the Constitutional line and re-writing legislation – a purview they have no legal authority to do under our Constitution.

Friday, news broke that a Texas Court of Appeals handed down another whopper.

According to Fox News, “Citing the First Amendment, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals struck down a law that banned sexually explicit Internet communication between an adult and minor.”

Now think about that, a U.S. court in Texas, of all places, says it’s OK to talk sexual filth to children.

“Judge Cathy Cochran, who wrote the opinion, said the law was previously written in a way that covers a whole cornucopia of titillating talk,” the report noted. “The law, she writes, ‘may protect children from suspected sexual predators before they ever express any intent to commit illegal sexual acts, but it prohibits the dissemination of a vast array of constitutionally protected speech and materials.’”

The report in the Austin Statesman newspaper reported that “Perverts will be free to bombard our children with salacious emails and text messages, and parents and law enforcement will be unable to stop it.”

Of course, the attorney defending the Texas man accused of sending sexually explicit text messages to a teen, said they may see the charges dropped after the ruling.

He stoically told the media it was not the job of the government to restrict what’s sent through the Internet or in text messages.

“Parents have the job of dealing with this. This is not the government’s job,” the lawyer told The Houston Chronicle. “Keep track of who your kids are communicating with and teach your kids what’s appropriate and what's not.”

Wonder what that attorney would say if I texted him and said I’d love to lube up a stick of dynamite and shove it up his backside and set if off? Reckon he’d want to get the government involved then?

Of course he would, the hypocrite – and so would those leftist judges.

It’s OK with these uber-liberals to approve the government’s mandates with every aspect of human life – what we eat, drink, what kind of insurance we “must” have, what to think, how to treat Muslims, etc., etc. – but, pass laws that protect children from Internet predators or protect unborn fetuses and they start screaming like a stuck hog, “That’s not the government’s job.”

Of course, the depressing problems won’t stop or disappear until we get enough people off the couch and get them involved in electing those who share our values.

Right now in history, we deserve the government (and judicial system) that we have.

It’s so very sad, too, and depressing.

I wish I could apologize to those children who are and will be assaulted by predators for the misery the judges and politicians are forcing them to accept.

Only God can help them now, for the adults in their world have made them sacrificial lambs.

The bigger question is, “Will God forgive us for standing by?”

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