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Leftists conveniently ignore Constitution while spewing their propoganda E-mail
Friday, 18 October 2013 12:48

By L&T Managing Editor Larry Phillips

The ranting and raving by leftists in the media and the Democrat party, including their president, concerning funding government and the debt ceiling has been quite astounding and historical in modern times. The discourse and name calling has sunken to all-time lows not even hardened politicians have seen in last 50 years.

Regular readers probably noticed some of that swill in Democrat Alan Jilka’s column Wednesday in the L&T.

“Clearly, the U.S. House is no longer the part of our government that reflects the popular will,” Jilka proclaimed.

That statement immediately proved his ignorance of the Constitutional duty of the House of Representatives – and that he only uses talking points that come out of the White House, meaning he, too, is disingenuous and propagandizing, as well.

Let’s look at some facts Alan:

In 2010, the Democrat Party suffered massive defeats – and the Republican Party gained 63 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, recapturing the majority, and making it the largest seat change since 1948.

That’s the “will of the people,” that you either forgot or erased from your memory.

“We can only hope that the current crisis will give added impetus to efforts to ‘fix’ flaws in our democratic system,” Jilka continued.

Anarchists believe our Constitution is “flawed.”

Jilka also wrote, “Hopefully, our current quagmire will give impetus to movements to refine and perfect our country’s great experiment with democracy.”

An experiment in democracy?

Here is the experiment at least 55-million voters are tired of – “the socialism experiment.”

It’s unbelievable that Jilka and other like-minded socialists think they’re smarter and wiser than the likes of Alexander Hamilton, or James Madison.

You remember Madison don’t you Alan, also called the “Father of the Constitution?”

If you had ever read the Federalists Papers he authored (along with Hamilton) selling the federal government to the states’ representatives at the Constitutional Convention, you may remember this quote: “… it is evident that each department should have a will of its own.”

Madison goes on to point out the House of Representatives would be the powerful House of the Legislature, thus he suggested they only serve two-year terms (they discussed one year at one point but decided “learning the ropes,” would take a little longer).

He also wrote, “… so it is particularly essential that the (House) … should have an immediate dependence on, and an intimate sympathy with, the people.”

He went on explaining the House of Representatives would be the “People’s House,” and the Senate would be a check on that power, but he didn’t consider the Senate as powerful, so terms of office could be longer than those of the House.

The House is determined by populations, where the Senate is the equalizer with two from every state, regardless of the states’ populations. (This is very basic Government 101, but I feel many leftists have forgotten it or don’t even know it).

Here is a noted remark by Madison concerning the founding fathers’ design of the “Separation of Powers” – the three branches of the federal government:

“With less power, therefore, to abuse, the federal representatives can be less tempted on one side, and will be doubly watched on the other.”

But, Jilka and all the others would have you believe the GOP-led House is nothing but a bunch of anarchists hell bent on destroying the nation.

Far from it, it’s actually those who want the minority GOP to lay down and succumb to their wannabe King Obama that can be accused of wanting to destroy our 230-year-old Constitutional government.

The House was currently doing what it was designed to do more than two centuries ago.

The House is doing its job and sticking to its word that got them elected in a landslide in 2010 and kept them in the majority again in 2012 – trying to stop wasteful spending and reduce deficits.

Unlimited spending and borrowing is what will destroy this nation and our Constitutional Republic, but ideologues like Jilka and Obama don’t care.

Here’s a question for Jilka and other big-government, tax-and-spend zealots.

Have you ever looked down upon an innocently sleeping baby or toddler – maybe someone in your family – and wondered, “What kind of life am I thrusting you into – one where you will never be able to obtain the lifestyle I or my parents had? You will be paying more taxes per capita as an adult than any American in the history of this “flawed” nation.”

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