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Don’t take away my freedoms because others abuse theirs E-mail
Wednesday, 01 May 2013 10:08

By Jacob Yowell of Liberal


I don’t usually post at all about anything, but I’m feeling compelled to give my opinion on the latest school shooting and escalation of violence and what I feel is the best way to deal with it.
I’ve heard, “What person in their right mind could commit such a terrible act?” And it seems worse to people that such a tragedy was committed against young children.
The fact is, no person in their right mind could do such a thing. This person had something wrong, some level of hatred that most of us don’t possess. 
I’ve heard it said that “If they didn’t have access to guns, these kinds of things wouldn’t happen.”
In reality, we have been killing each other with rocks and sticks long before someone developed a way to hollow out a stick and fire a rock through it at high velocity.
I believe the answer lies not in taking away freedoms, but in heightening our compassion for people before they get to a point of wanting to take another life. 
How did we get to a place where a kid gets mad at their parents and even comprehends the notion of taking their lives? 
I do not agree with all the decisions my parents made, and guess what? I wasn’t supposed to. They were my parents, and I was their child. They weren’t my buddies, they were adults. And if I didn’t like what they said, tough. But never once did the thought of punishing them for me not getting everything I wanted ever cross my mind.
Something was wrong with this kid in Connecticut, and something is wrong with a lot of us. But before we tell people that it’s because they’re too stupid to handle their own freedom, maybe we should just listen to them. Maybe we can help people before they decide to do something drastic like taking the lives of others.
Just please don’t take away my freedoms because someone else is irresponsible with theirs.

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