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Oklahoma panhandle athletes earn trips to state track meet PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 April 2013 14:35


UPDATE: All additional qualifiers have been named. They are in bold with the automatic qualifiers.


Leader & Times

Turpin’s Annalynn Kirkhart took home golds in the 100 and 200 meters, and Balko’s Jaylee Mays did the same in the 400 and 800 meters.

On the boys side, Forgan’s Jake Regier won the 200 meter dash and Kameron Hall claimed the high jump.

The top three finishers automatically qualify for the state meet. The fourth through sixth place finishers could qualify, but will have to be compared to other regionals.


1.Texhoma, 166, 2.Boise City, 124, 3.Beaver, 56, 4.Sharon-Mutual, 52, 5.Balko, 47, 6.Laverne, 46, 7.Turpin, 42, 8.Leedey, 30, 9.Keyes, 24, 10.Ft. Supply, 21, 11.Tyrone, 18, 12.Waynoka, 8, 13.Forgan, 4, 13.Erick, 4.


1.Texhoma, 182, 2.Laverne, 73, 3.Boise City, 72, 4.Forgan, 62, 5.Beaver, 49, 6.Tyrone, 48, 7.Turpin, 41, 8.Sharon-Mutual, 39, 9.Ft. Supply, 29, 10.Goodwell, 17, 11.Keyes, 14, 12.Balko, 12, 13.Freedom, 6, 14.Reydon, 5.


100 Meter Dash—1.Annalynn Kirkhart, Turpin, 13.29, 2.Shelby Davis, Tyrone, 13.44, 5.Alexis Janko, Beaver, 13.96, 6.Rylee Stockton, Balko, 13.97.
200 Meter Dash—1.Annalynn Kirkhart, Turpin, 27.84, 6.Rylee Stockton, Balko, 29.34.

400 Meter Dash—1.Jaylee Mays, Balko, 1:02.14, 3.Rayna Wall, Tyrone, 1:03.84, 5.Trista Watson, Turpin, 1:05.65, 6.Kalie Hoover, Beaver, 1:06.45.
800 Meter Run—1.Jaylee Mays, Balko, 2:29.13, 3.Trista Watson, Turpin, 2:35.59.
1600 Meter Run—3.Jaylee Mays, Balko, 5:52.23.
100 Meter Hurdles—4.Madison Cates, Beaver, 18.80.
300 Meter Hurdles—5.Madison Cates, Beaver, 55.59.
4x100 Meter Relay—4.Beaver(Shelby Perry, Conner Sutton, Jacinda Balderrama, Alexis Janko), 54.90, 5.Tyrone (Rayna Wall, Tori Dumler, Amber Andrews, Shelby Davis), 56.59, 6.Turpin (Annalynn Kirkhart, Tayler Sawyers, Alyssa Kinser, Kristin Overton), 1:00.07.
4x200 Meter Relay—3.Beaver (Shelby Perry, Conner Sutton, Alexis Janko, Jacinda Balderrama), 1:55.93, 4. Turpin (Annalynn Kirkhart, Kristin Overton, Tayler Sawyers, Trista Watson), 1:56.33.
4x400 Meter Relay—3.Beaver (Jacinda Balderrama, Shelby Perry, Conner Sutton, Kalie Hoover), 4:30.16, 5.Turpin (Tanya Richard, Tayler Sawyers, Trista Watson, Kristin Overton, Kristin), 4:41.59.
4x800 Meter Relay—5.Beaver (Kalie Hoover, Shelby Perry, Melissa Chavez, Jacinda Balderrama), 11:08.69.
High Jump—4.Kenzi Taylor, Forgan, 4”-10’.
Pole Vault—2.Madison Cates, Beaver, 7’-06”.
Long Jump—3.Rylee Stockton, Balko, 14”-06’, 4.Kalie Hoover, Beaver, 14”-05.25’.

Shot Put—6.Morgan Rice, Balko, 29”-03.5’. 1

Discus Throw—2.Madison Dearmin, Balko, 93”-02’, 4.Morgan Rice, Balko, 89’-08”.


100 Meter Dash—2.AJ Suddeth, Tyrone, 12.03, 3.David Stout, Forgan, 12.06.
200 Meter Dash—1.Jake Regier, Forgan, 23.87, 2.David Stout, Forgan, 24.26, 3.Kalen Gabel, Beaver, 24.49, 5.AJ Suddeth, Tyrone, 24.84.
400 Meter Dash—3.Freddie Baeza, Turpin, 53.69, 6.Cole Wall, Tyrone, 55.23.
800 Meter Run—3.Freddie Baeza, Turpin, 2:09.23, 5.Nerlin Rivera, Tyrone, 2:10.50, 6.Coleman Osborn, Beaver, 2:11.48.    1
1600 Meter Run—2.Justin Mays, Balko, 4:58.86, 5.Abijah Osborn, Beaver, 5:15.74.
3200 Meter Run—4.Abijah Osborne, Beaver, 11:14.97.
110 Meter Hurdles—4.Brad Alba, Turpin, 19.99, 6 Dylan Tillery, Beaver, 22.56.
300 Meter Hurdles—6.Brad Alba, Turpin, 47.77.
4x100 Meter Relay—2.Tyrone(AJ Suddeth, Alex Rivera, Nerlin Rivera, Cole Wall), 46.84, 4.Turpin(Obed Cordova, Eric Bromlow, Willie Enriquez, Brad Alba), 48.03, 5.Beaver (Cesar Gonzalez, Logan Baldwin, Skyler Mills, Hadley Skaggs), 48.17.

4x200 Meter Relay—2.Forgan (David Stout, Dalton Lemieoux, Jake Regier, Kameron Hall), 1:35.28, 4.Tyrone, (AJ Suddeth, Alex Rivera, Nerlin Rivera, Cole Wall), 1:37.56, 5.Turpin (Obed Cordova, Eric Bromlow, Willie Enriquiz, Cesar Castillo) 1:40.57.
4x400 Meter Relay—3.Forgan, (David Stout, Kameron Hall, Dalton Lemieoux, Jake Regier), 3:40.47, 4.Turpin(Obed Cordova, Brad Alba, Eric Bromlow, Freddie Baeza), 3:40.92, 5.Beaver(Kalen Gabel, Cesar Gonzalez, Skyler Mills, Coleman Osborn), 3:48.56.

4x800 Meter Relay—4.Beaver (Coleman Osborn, Cesar Gonzalez, Hunter Starr, Abijah Osborn), 9:11.19, 5.Tyrone (Nerlin Rivera, Chantz Reese, Ryon Reese, Alex Rivera), 9:19.90.

High Jump—1.Kameron Hall, Forgan, 6’04”, 3.Cole Wall, Tyrone, 6’-0”, 5.Garrett Weber, Beaver, 5’-04”, 5.Austin Pickering, Tyrone, 5’-2”.
Boys Pole Vault—3.Gunnar Lansden, Beaver, 10’-06”, 5.Logan Baldwin, Beaver, 10’-06”.
Long Jump—4.Freddie Baeza, Turpin, 18’-10.5”.
Shot Put—2.Kalen Gabel, Beaver, 47’-06.75”, 4.Tanr Hayley, Balko, 42’-03.50”.
Discus—5.Kalen Gabel, Beaver, 122’-11”.

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