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Fight against progressives’ revolution E-mail
Friday, 03 January 2014 10:32


By L&T Managing Editor Larry Phillips

I’ve never been too exuberant about setting New Year’s resolutions, but after watching a cute commercial by AT&T where a young boy says it’s important to be more reliable in order “to keep your New Year’s revolution,” it got me to thinking.

Revolution is defined as 1. complete change, 2. overthrow of a government, social systems, etc. – just to name a few.

I started thinking about the revolution the progressives are waging. The attacks on: Christmas (Christians), true American history, education (their brainwashing), medical care choices, personal accountability, the family unit and its values, using the judiciary to legislate their agenda, personal liberty, American exceptionalism, a strong work ethic, consequences of bad behavior, capitalism, common human decency, the right to free speech and thought, individualism, the right to bear arms and the very Constitution of the country itself – article after article, amendment after amendment.

So I’ve come up with a few resolutions I will try to live by this year (and hopefully, many years to come).

• I will fight progressives at every move in their attempt to destroy the greatest democracy on Earth.

• I will fight to keep God in our public and private lives, just as our Founding Fathers did with the Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

• I will never sit by quietly while progressives use misinformation, propaganda and outright lies to sway an apathetic, uncaring and uninformed public.

• I will urge my fellow man to search out the truth when these lies are spread in hopes they will learn to care about what is happening to their country.

• I will warn my fellow man to beware of the major media using its powers to ignore, hide or bury the truth in order to carry on its progressive agenda – not for humanity’s benefit but for the promotion of collectivism and socialism.

• I will do my best to expose those who preach one thing publicly and then do the opposite behind the citizens’ backs – whether it be locally, statewide or nationally.

• I will encourage my fellow man to get involved with the politics swirling about them and use the ballot box to thwart these threats to democracy.

• I will urge my fellow man to use this opinion page to reach out to others with words of encouragement to stand firm against this progressive onslaught.

• I will fight against big government and its smothering control of every facet of our lives.

• I will ask my fellow man to not ignore these progressives and what they are after.

I’ve often heard people say, “Well, that will never happen in America – not in this country.”

Look at what has already happened in the last 20 to 40 years. Look at the acceleration of those changes that have happened under Obama.

Twenty years ago, a majority believed mariage was between a man and a woman. Today, a dozen states or so have enacted laws forcing you to accept gay marriage – even though a majority still believes marriage is between a man and a woman.

“Well, that will never happen in America – not in this country.”

Oh Yeah?

Look at North Dakota. They’re allowing a man married to another man in a state that allows gay marriage to now “legally” marry a woman in North Dakota – even though the man is not “divorced” from the other man who lives out of state.

“Well, that will never happen in America – not in this country.”

Right – and what’s next?

We’ll probably hear where one of these progressive states – or at least a progressive judge – say it’s OK for that man to also marry his favorite mare. After all, we can’t discriminate against “Whinny the Pinto.” She has “rights” and feelings, too.

“Well, that will never happen in America – not in this country.”

Don’t bet the farm on it.

• My final resolution is to remind my fellow man that doing and saying nothing is guaranteed destruction of the life we have treasured. Make a resolution to fight the revolution.


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